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  • Phase I clinical trial for a medical device to reduce body weight
  • Phase II clinical trial for a new Alzhiemer’s treatment
  • Phase III clinical trial for obesity prevention
  • Phase III clinical trial for obesity treatment
  • Development and implementation of an adolescent obesity prevention intervention
  • Development and implementation of an obesity treatment program
  • Development of a mobile product to assist in caregiving
  • Improvement of a line of nutritional supplements


  • Mindfigure saved the day on a research trial we had already conducted, with very messy data. After our statistician said she couldn’t figure out what do to with it and that we “would need a miracle worker”, we called Mindfigure. Not cheap but they are the best. Within two weeks, they had finished patching up the dataset, ran the analyses and wrote up the Results section. The manuscript wound up making the cover of Neurology and had 6 editorials written about it.  

    Dr. Geeta Singh
    Dr. Geeta SinghClinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
  • We hired Mindfigure to consult on a phase II clinical trial. The team was extremely knowledgeable, the work was precise and the rates were very reasonable- highly recommended.

    Mark Paskewitz
    Mark PaskewitzVice President at California Clinical Trials Medical Group, Inc
  • We hired Dr. Ochner as a scientific expert and we were surprised to find out how knowledgeable he was about product development also. He was not only able to guide us based on the science but also on consumer behavior and market position. We will definitely use his services again.

    Kenneth Red
    Kenneth RedSr. Director - Product Development & Innovation Center at Laird Technologies
  • Mindfigure came highly recommended for improving behavioral health service delivery. They totally surpassed expectations- they set up a system to evaluate outcomes, demonstrate effectiveness and cut costs at the same time. Saved us almost 5x the amount charged for consulting.

    Kyle Bishop
    Kyle BishopJoint CEO at Horizon Cross-Cultural Center
  • I had seen Dr. Ochner present on a health program that he had developed at his center and could immediately tell that he understood healthcare delivery in value-based environments. Hiring him to consult on the development of a behavioral health program was one of the best investments our center has made.

    Dr. Jason Williams
    Dr. Jason WilliamsMedical Director at Orange Regional Medical Center
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